Amy Hollen

  • Amy Hollen Carroll, BFA, MS
  • Tallahassee, FL, USA

SGA Today

Student Goverment Association 2017-2018 Yearbook


newly designed logo after 23 years

Partners for a Healthy Baby Textbooks

series of four textbooks designed, compiled, organized, and published in print and e-book formats

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

video introducing panel of speakers at the White House

Clash of the Heroes

video to promote literacy-focused comic contest entries

FDOT Website Redesign

redesign of layout, web design, department organization, the storage server, and APA compliance

Paper Pirate

e-commerce website and blog featuring stationery, office, and creative goods
What drawing would you like to see next?
Coral Reef
Bonzai Tree
Poll Maker

Product Photography

staged and photographed products featured in the Paper Pirate online store

Oglesby Union Playing Cards

playing cards representing all the departments of the FSU Oglesby Union

Cards of Rock

a limited collection of playing cards mimicing band posters

Put It Down

dnt text n drive

Enjoy the Show

pre-movie PSA informing cinema attendees to be considerate of others at the theatre

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