Put It Down

Florida Department of Transportation

Multiple variants were created including the phrases It Can Wait, It's the Law, and Suelte el Celular (Spanish translation of "Put It Down" meaning "Release the Cell"). Two collegiate color versions were also designed in garnet and gold for FSU as well as blue and orange for UF to target students and Florida's most popular universities.

My favorite promotion item I designed was a magnet shaped like a cell phone with the logo and the website www.distraction.gov. I keep one on the back of my car to remind others to drive safe.\r\r The largest audience the Put It Down campaign has seen in any given setting was and continues to be NASCAR, displayed on the back of the #29 car.

NASCAR #29 driver Scott Lagasse has a personal passion for driving safety and proudly supports the Put It Down message of preventing distracted driving.
Put It Down, DNT TXT N DRV
Put It Down, It Can Wait Put It Down, It's the Law Put It Down, Suelte el Celular
Put It Down, FSU Put It Down, UF
Put It Down Put It Down NASCAR
Put It Down Put It Down
Put It Down, Scott Lagasse Jr. Put It Down