Pixel Art

Isometric & Non-isometric

Drawn point by point in 256 colors or less per image

Award Winning

Duel Duel by ~ctrl-alt-delete is a brilliant idea for a double avatar, and impeccably executed. The details of the portraits would be fantastic just by themselves; the palpably 3D animation of the ghost figures make this avatar exceptional. Daily Deviation
July 2, 2007

Award Winning

Angler Fish Angler Fish by ~ctrl-alt-delete - the pixelling on this work is amazing, as are the colour choice and the animation. This is definitely one scarily realistic free icon! Daily Deviation
September 20, 2010

Award Winning

Willow: Dinosar with a Heart A pixel ode to one of the more fascinating discoveries of our time. Willo: Dinosaur with a Heart by ~ctrl-alt-delete is a wonderfully detailed piece showing the bones of this fascinating creature and crafted to a “T”. Daily Deviation
May 9, 2005

Award Winning

Mother Earth Not that often that you get a real natural savor out of pixel art creations. Mother Earth by *ctrl-alt-delete is the exception with its fascinating earthly demeanor. Additional animation adds some likeable spice to boot! Daily Deviation
June 19, 2005
Proverbial Spice Rack

Spice Rack: Extract of Nature Spice Rack: Toxin of Fear Spice Rack: Spice of Life


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Angler Fish Angler Fish