FDOT Website

Florida Department of Transportation

The FDOT website was redesigned by a team of six internal staff members specializing in layout, web design, department organization, the storage server, and APA compliance. The new site is dramatically simplified and achieves greater consistency in the way information is presented.

I designed the overall layout, assisted in web development, and helped to migrate all the new pages to the server once converted. I also contributed by creating a style guide PDF and instructing various office staff how to use the new templates.
FDOT website FDOT website FDOT website

FDOT website
Major changes to the homepage and main layout include the following:
  • Prominent Search Box
    If users know what they’re looking for, they can use the search box to find it quickly. Users can sign up for email updates, connect to FL 511 travel information, switch to a new mobile view or check out the site map in this same area.

  • Simplified Main Navigation
    Six links were designed as primary menu selections including About FDOT, Contact Us, Maps & Data, Offices (see next page), Performance, and Projects. The side navigation has been removed to further simplify the site.

  • Rotating Banner
    The department's latest news is prominently displayed in new eye-catching banners that will rotate among the five latest items.

  • Customer Focus Areas
    Looking for travel or commuting information? Are you a Business Partner? How about government resources? Such information has been grouped in these customer areas to make it easier for different types of users to find what they’re looking for.
  • Public Involvement
    The department has many opportunities for users to become involved by attending meetings and events or by providing input on current and future projects.

  • Travel Resources & Florida Initiatives
    Just click on one of the handy graphics to get to the department's Facilities Map, SunPass Program, FL 511 Travel Updates or browse through other Florida Initiatives currently underway.

  • Social Media Links
    FDOT is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media. The links are now easily visible in the footer at all times to increase social media traffic.

  • Footer
    The new footer common to all pages includes some handy links to contact the department, connect to employment information, review web policies and notices, and more.

FDOT website
Major changes to the office pages include the following:
  • Office Contact Information
    The office manager, address, phone, email, and staff directory are now listed in the same location on each office page.

  • Office Resources
    Office resources list the same five categories with a sixth “More” option for any additional content. This way, users know what to expect and where to find it when browsing between various offices.

  • Most Requested Information
    By providing an assortment of quick links, users can find the most highly sought information within just a few clicks.
  • Welcome Section
    The welcome section describes the nature of each office or project and how it supports the department.

  • News
    The most recent news and press releases are displayed on the homepage of each office or project to keep users up to date on the latest developments related to that portion of the department.

FDOT website

For all subsequent pages, breadcrumb links have been included at the top of each page to allow the reader to navigate more easily within the site. Header, link, table, and other format styles have been designed to more consistently and prominently organize content throughout the site.